Sensei of writing

Half a year ago I asked Howard Sage to help me to prepare for the CUNY CATW exam (essay) but ended up with an appreciation of the English language and inspiration to write, and never stop doing so.

Being an experienced tutor, Howard has figured out my weak spots right away, and targeted them while making me believe in myself and my abilities. In just a month my writing-in-English phobia was gone, and I have ended up with tons of strategies, useful tools, and confidence in writing. That knowledge was enough not only to pass my CATW exam successfully but also get an A+ in my English Composition class in college.

Howard’s dedication to help doesn’t know any borders; besides our wonderful lessons, he has offered to read my essays in his free time and each time he has given me the most helpful feedback.

Besides being an amazing thoughtful tutor Howard is a kind and jolly person. I will never forget the stories and jokes he has told me. What Howard has taught me is priceless; I am endlessly grateful to him. If you need a tutor to help with your writing skills look no further.

Polina Belousova

Testimonial of one student’s father:

My son, who has been Dr. Sage’s student, has received very fine individual lessons from him while attending the U.N. International School in New York City. After graduating from a Japanese junior high school, he received lessons and guidance from Dr. Sage. Based on my son’ s experience, improvement, and knowledge, I can recommend the professor as an expert in this mode of instruction.

Mr. Yoichiro Suzuki, Executive Vice President, Nissei BOT Asset Management Corporation

A letter from a client:

Since Chinese is my native language, I often need help with my English. When I joined the faculty at New York University in 2002, I was looking for someone who could assist me to prepare my lecture presentations and proofread my research manuscripts. I contacted the NYU Department of English and was suggested to get in touch with Dr. Howard Sage, who had extensive experience in teaching foreign students English as second language on campus. After I spoke with Dr. Sage, he was able to set up our weekly-meeting promptly. Furthermore, Dr. Sage was able to devise the curriculum that helped me improve my lecture preparation and presentation skills. I have benefited tremendously from his teaching. In addition, Dr. Sage also provided proofreading services for my research manuscripts which have been published in peer-reviewed journals. I strongly recommend Dr. Sage’s service to anyone who might need help.

Dr. Yihong LeeProfessor, NYU Dental School

An undergraduate student’s perspective:

Dr. Sage’s writing service has helped me to shape up my essays for admissions processes. In addition, it has presented me with many impressive techniques for expressing thoughts and emotions. Through this writing service I have acquired many intuitive mechanisms of communicating my personality to admission staff members.

Jennifer Feng

Student, State University of New York at Stony Brook

An administrator speaks:

As an administrator, I am required to write–and often find myself overwhelmed by the task. Dr. Sage’s guidance, direction and structure opened up the ceiling for me not only to envision expression and creativity in my writing but to inspire excitement to continue, evolve and get better with practice. Dr. Sage helped me with the foundation, which in my opinion is the most important step–a training session I highly recommend for those wanting to grow.

Tami Sturm, Administrator, New York City Department of Education

An author speaks:

I am Jue Wei SHI, a PhD candidate at the University of the West (Rosemead, CA) who has recently passed the oral defense. Dr. Howard Sage supported me through the dissertation writing process.

Dr. Sage is the chief consultant at Sage Directions. One of his services is working with students on doctoral dissertations. Since January 2011, I have received Dr. Sage’s guidance in revising various sections of my dissertation.

Dr. Howard Sage has been responsive, patient, and encouraging. He usually responded within twenty-four hours to my review requests. Besides alerting me to my tendencies to use the passive voice, write incoherent paragraphs, and use the wrong tenses, Dr. Sage also sent me specially tailored exercises and examples to help me improve. Instead of simply correcting my errors, he patiently guided me through the improvement process that included reviewing my changes and correcting other writing assignments. In some cases, he revisited the same document as many as six times. Dr. Sage also pointed me to online and hardcopy resources. Within a year, my professors could detect that my academic writing had strengthened. Dr. Sage’s invaluable feedback ranged from the title, abstract, acknowledgement, introduction to the initial chapters of my dissertation.

I highly recommend the services of Dr. Howard Sage to students and prospective writers.

Jue Wei SHI, Author



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