I need help writing a college application essay. How do you help?

It depends on how far along you are in writing the essay. I will answer first assuming a student has not written anything so far. Basically the process contains four stages: (1) a personal interview process to bring out information about the student’s background and experience; (2) brainstorming and outlining; (3) student’s writing the essay including back and forth discussion via e-mail; (4) final editing and revising. During stage three the student works on his/her own. The other stages are totally guided.

What if I’ve already written some or all of the essay?

Yes, if you have written part or all of the essay, then we move immediately to stage four. I will give you detailed feedback and suggestions. Then as I observe you edit and revise to produce the final polished essay. Before we start, based on the essay I receive from you, I will estimate the number of hours required. Please check our price list for hourly rates.

How can you help me with my SAT essay writing on line?

In the New York City area I do hold individual SAT writing classes. However, for on-line learning students submit a draft based on instructions and topics I give. After reading the draft I give suggestions for revision. Two to three revisions are usual. Students often need and want to write several practice essays. The fee is based on each practice essay.

I’m 3,000 or more miles away. How can you help me with my research paper?

I can help you at several points such as choosing an appropriate and manageable topic, locating sources, organizing the research itself, and fitting your ideas with the research discoveries you make.

If you have any question not answered above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.






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