Our Services

Admissions Essays

College admission essays

Dr. Sage interviews you in depth, helping you to select and organize your academic and life experience in the essay. The essay then conveys what makes you unique.

Package of two essays: $800

Business school (MBA) essays

Dr. Sage demonstrates how to brainstorm and interviews you to bring out the intricacies of your area of concentration.

Package of two essays: $900

Law school essays

You work with a custom-made questionnaire designed to bring out key information to include in your essay.

Package of two essays: $900

Medical and dental school essays

After you work with a custom-made questionnaire Dr. Sage then interviews you to help you discover and organize life and career material to use in your essays.

Package of two essays: $900

For all of the above areas the price for additional essays is $300 within six months of purchase of package.


SAT/GRE Essay Tutoring

SAT essay tutoring

Dr. Sage, who has worked as a SAT essay grader, has extensive experience evaluating SAT essays and explaining how students can create and strengthen their writings.

Package of five 1.5 hour lessons: $700

Two students: $900; three students: $1100

GRE essay writing tutoring

Prepare yourself for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE by acquiring a more disciplined way of organizing arguments and analyzing topics.

Package of six sessions: $720

Nine session package: $950


Thesis/Dissertation Editing

Editing theses and dissertations

Create an outline and formulate a general writing strategy to establish a focus for your project. Check in with Dr. Sage at various stages as you work on your thesis or dissertation.

Hourly rate: $80


At all stages of your work you may email to ask questions and test out ideas. All of the above services are available either in-person or on-line via Skype and e-mail.


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